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2013 Dual Euro and Desert Scrambles

It’s time once again for the Sunland Shamrocks MC Desert Race on the weekend of September 21 & 22, 2013 at The Slash X Ranch/Cafe.

This year we will be changing up the format again for even more racing fun.

Dual European Scrambles on Saturday and Desert Scrambles on Sunday.

Saturday’s Euro Scrambles will also be a Best of the West event this year.  As always there will be free camping behind the Slash X or if you so choose , you can camp at Sunday’s Pit Row.

2013 desert race flyer


  1. Awesome course!! I wish I was better equipped!! Thanks to the staff for the introduction to this racing series and a big thanks to Brad for helping me recover my quad! I look forward to next years race!! Please let me know where to see the results of the race.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

  2. Glad you had a good time Adam.
    The official results should be up in a couple weeks. They will be posted here and also on the D37 website.

    Rick Bosemer

    Race results posted are incorrect. Who do i contact to get them corrected?

  4. Rick, give me a call with the particulars. I’ll send you my phone no..

    Will L.
    Race Referee

    Corey Freeman

    Hey my are incorrect to, how do i correct this?

  6. Cory, You can call me or Ron about corrections to the results.

    Will Lighthart
    Race Referee
    818 352-2232

    Ron Maas
    Info & Results
    818 767-4594

  7. ,I see the afternoon results were corrected,but the new (right) results have not been correctly entered in the desert points for the Legends! I’ve been displaced at the L1 spot and I don’t need to give these guys any more incentive than they already have! I think I was the only Legend that actually finished two laps. Lee Olsen who won the morning race (courseB) can verify my finish. What races count toward BOTW? I finished first for the day in overall scoring (3-1). Send money!! Thanks for helping me out and clarifying the situation. DONV L1

  8. Don, I forwarded you’re question to Don Brunson, who did a major portion of the results corrections.
    You may need to contact Ryan Kudla about the BotW question, I’m not sure if the best finish of the two races was used, or if it was scored in moto-x fashion.

    Will L.

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